The Carlay Story

Life is hard. Like really hard.

Many of us can relate to others who are going through financial challenges, family tragedies, health problems, emotional ups and downs, and every other sort of human suffering that exists. However, that is what brought our founding team at Carlay together. We had lost family members to cancers and through these experiences we became close friends. We each have unique backgrounds in different types of businesses, and decided from the very beginning that Carlay had to be about helping other families. We have to be truly passionate about what we are going to do. We weren't exactly sure where we would land so we spent a lot of time looking at some of our biggest pain points in life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all reflected on what was most important in life.

Suddenly, many of us found ourselves not being able to travel. However, searching for flights, hotels and vacations is easier now that it ever has been. You know what is not easy? Searching for car insurance! Why is that? And guess what, if we all want to drive we HAVE to have insurance. We started talking to our friends and everyone shared they can't stand the process of comparing auto insurance. Many complained that they fill out a form and get 25 calls and texts from agents within minutes! Many of them felt like their information was just being sold and that was very annoying. Others stated they just stayed with the same company for the last 10 years and had no idea if they were overpaying! It was just easier not knowing if they were getting the best price because the thought of switching was intimidating.

We soon realized that this was a problem worth trying to fix!

Our minds began to wonder with all of the �what ifs�! So that is the Carlay story! We want to be the easiest, fastest way to search for and compare auto insurance in the world.

Here is our promise:

  1. Be humans! We will always treat people the way we want to be treated and not annoy them.
  2. You can work with an agent IF YOU LIKE with Carlay, but you don't have to!
  3. Once you're a Carlay customer, our goal will be to ensure that you have the best possible policy at the best possible price for your family� year after year.
  4. Once your policy is getting close to renewal, we will automatically try to find ways for you to save money!
  5. Carlay will give you confidence. You never have to wonder if you're overpaying!