Why use Carlay for your car insurance search?

Did you know that over 37 million people search for auto insurance in the United States every year?

That statistic blew our minds! We started Carlay because we realized that we had been with our auto insurance companies for over 10 years and they never reached out to us to find ways to save money! It didn't seem right to us; that we could be that loyal of a customer year after year and not know if we were overpaying for our insurance.

In 2021, with the pandemic in full effect, we realized we wanted to solve this problem and make it as easy to compare & shop for auto insurance as it was to book a hotel!

Car insurance can be tricky because some auto insurance carriers make you speak with an agent, and others allow you to purchase directly on their website. However, there wasn't a central location to easily compare insurance carriers and quotes. Many of us continue to overpay for something we don't really use - only to find out when we need it, that we wish we would have compared reviews and policies!

Our goal with Carlay is simple: to create the fastest, easiest way to compare and save on auto insurance in the world.

Oh, and we want you to save money year after year! Prior to your renewal, we will search for you, and let you know what options are available. After all, we work for you and want you to be happy. Our service is completely free to use and we want to deliver the best possible customer experience!

We are facing unprecedented inflation and we all are looking for ways to save money.

We hope Carlay can play an active role in helping millions of families save on car insurance. Sometimes you need cheap car insurance, and other times you need the best possible policy customized for your specific needs - either way, Carlay is here for you.