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From a reliable sedan to an agile hybrid, Honda is always at the forefront of automotive innovation. The brand has built a reputation on engineering reliable, value-priced cars and trucks that last. You may be thinking how much would it cost you to insure your beloved Honda?

Drivers of Honda cars pay $1,722 annually on average for car insurance. The type of car you have can have a significant impact on your insurance costs. So, the price of insurance for a Honda Passport EX is $662 more per year than the price of insurance for a Honda Civic Del Sol SI.

Here's what drivers pay when they switch with Carlay

Honda owners who switched to Carlay Insurance save quite an average a year on coverage. Here's a list of savings made by Carlay customers:

Quote Date Car City, State Zip Code Age Carrier BeforeCarlay AfterCarlay
June 13, 2022 Honda Accord EXL Pittsburgh, PA 15218 27 Progressive $120/mo. $62/mo.
February 10, 2022 Honda Accord EX Columbus, OH 43209 21 ClearCover $174/mo. $68/mo.
June 11, 2022 Honda Accord EXL Dallas, TX 75218 51 Progressive $200/mo. $138/mo.
July 25, 2022 Honda Accord EXL Tracy, CA 95391 49 National General $275/mo. $181/mo.
September 30, 2022 Honda Accord Sport Reisterstown, MD 21136 43 ClearCover $300/mo. $208/mo.

Best insurance carriers for your Honda

When insurance companies set premiums, they consider many factors including your driving history, location, and demographic information. However, each company calculates these factors differently to arrive at the best premiums for their customers. So, you will find different providers offer you varying premiums.

Some companies that offer Hyundai auto insurance include the following:

With a name like Nationwide, we bet you're thinking they're big. Well, you're right. Nationwide Insurance is one of the country's largest auto insurers with over 18 million customers (and counting!). Their advanced technology helps make their tech-savvy and safe drivers like you even better off. No wonder, Nationwide has earned 4.1 out of 5 stars from Carlay.

Progressive is one of the biggest names in the auto insurance industry, with a huge variety of coverages and a wide range of discounts and features. With advanced online account services, Progressive takes the hassle out of buying insurance. This company's great financial strength and reputation make them a smart choice for any driver. Plus, it's got one of best, 4.6/5 raing from Carlay.

What makes Kemper stand out among health insurance companies is that it helps high-risk drivers by insuring rebuilt salvage cars and files an SR22 form for those who need to prove to their state's DMV that they are insured. Carlay gives Kemper a four point three out of five.

Safeco is built from the ground up to cater to young drivers by offering a claims-free cashback program (up to 10%), 24/7 U.S.-based roadside assistance, and an easy-to-use smartphone app with access to instant quotes and more. Carlay gives Safeco 4.5/5 – a high rating!

One of the most well-known carriers in the industry, Allstate has a large network of agents and repair shops. It offers plenty of great digital features, including a rate calculator, mobile app, online bill payment, and online claim reporting. Other pros include its wide variety of coverage options that fit almost any need at a reasonable price. Also primarily responsible for its 4.5/5 rating from Carlay is customer service that is consistent across various channels such as phone calls, live chat, or email correspondence.

Travelers has a variety of insurance add-ons, allowing you to customize your coverage to fit your needs. For example, you can purchase roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, accident forgiveness, new car coverage, or gap coverage. Travelers offers driver discounts that may lower the overall cost of insurance. Carlay gives Travelers a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

State Auto is a good choice of insurance provider for safe and experienced drivers. It offers cheap car insurance that gives you a big range of coverage options and grants you the ability to file online claims via your phone or computer. State Auto also helps you protect your car from damage with a huge range of add-on options available that accommodate your circumstances and preferences. Carlay gives State Auto a rating of 4.1 out of 5.

In many of the states where it does business, National General has a claims satisfaction guarantee whereby they'll waive your deductible up to $250 if you're not happy with your claims experience. Many customers have rated National General as the top auto insurer for high-risk drivers because of its excellent customer service and overall value. Carlay gives National General a rating of four-and-one-quarter out of five stars.

Clearcover is a tech-savvy car insurance company with the most cutting-edge app. With Clearcover you can easily file a claim, pay your bill, and access proof of insurance all while keeping communication online! Their app has an awesome 4.1/5 rating from Carlay and is quickly becoming the industry standard for auto insurance claims.

Companies use their own formulas for calculating premiums. This means that when you compare two companies for the same coverage, you'll probably get different quotes.

Purchasing insurance is tricky business. You can try to get the lowest price, but you might find that you end up with a substandard product. On the flip side, you can purchase the best policy out there and feel confident knowing your home is safe. But that option could break the bank.

Many insurance companies offer online quotes. Simply visit an insurance company's website, enter your information into a form, and you'll get an instant rate. However, if you've ever done this, you know that it can be time-consuming and tedious.

Carlay is the broker-powered app that gives you secure and transparent access to insurance rates.

Your dream car is waiting—and all you have to do is let Carley know about it. Carlay will present you with more than fifty competitive quotes from name-brand auto insurance providers, and once you decide on a plan, Carlay handle the rest. As a Carlay customer, you can depend on your policy being reviewed every six months to ensure that it's current and properly priced.

Rank Company name Avg. Annual Premium
1 Commonwealth Insurance $1,257.89
2 Mapfre $1,267.76
3 Aspire Advantage $1,495.70
4 Kemper $1,761.22
5 Nationwide $1,799.51

Carlay is a car insurance comparison app that helps you find the right policy for your needs. It only takes a few minutes to compare quotes from multiple carriers and even allows you to save your preferred policies so you can quickly compare them in the future.

Cost of insuring a Honda

For an average Honda, you'll spend $1,822 per year on insurance with a minimum coverage policy and $2,583 with a comprehensive policy. When you take all cars, insurance companies, and policies into account, the average motorist pays $1,783 per year for liability coverage and $2,485 for comprehensive and collision coverage.

The cost of your insurance coverage will depend on the amount of coverage you select. Before choosing a plan, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the minimum coverage requirements in your state. Here are the different kinds of insurance that may be legally required for you to carry:

Coverage type Protection offered
Bodily injury liability (per person and per accident) Pays for the costs associated with the injuries you've caused to others
Property damage liability (per accident) Pays for the costs associated with damage you cause to other people's vehicles or property
Uninsured motorist protection (per person and per accident) Applies when a car accident isn't your fault but the at-fault driver doesn't have liability insurance to pay for your injuries or property damage
Underinsured motorist protection (per person and per accident) Applies when the at-fault driver has liability insurance, but it isn't enough to cover your injuries or property damage
Personal injury protection (per person and per accident) Pays for your own medical expenses after a car accident

Please be aware that these are the minimum requirements, not recommended practices. If you can afford it, you should consider purchasing an extended warranty for your Honda. Even a seemingly minor accident can cost you thousands of dollars in terms of lost work time and medical bills. If you're at fault but don't have enough insurance, you will be responsible for the costs out-of-pocket.

When you lease or finance your Honda, we'd like you to consider purchasing full-coverage insurance. And if you can't afford to replace your car in the event of a total loss, we'd also like you to consider buying comprehensive and collision coverage. Full coverage typically refers to policies that include collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, in addition to the liability insurance required by law.

Coverage type Protection offered
Collision Applies if you get into a collision with someone else's vehicle or an object
Comprehensive Applies when your car is damaged by something other than a collision or rollover, like a weather event or vandalism

Below are the corresponding costs before and after switching with Carlay Insurance.

All Coverage BeforeCarlay All Coverage AfterCarlay Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay Full Coverage BeforeCarlay Full Coverage AfterCarlay
Honda $2,447 $1,632 $2,332 $1,444 $2,519 $1,775
All Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,447
All Coverage AfterCarlay $1,632
Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,332
Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay $1,444
Full Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,519
Full Coverage AfterCarlay $1,775

Your car insurance rate is based on many factors, like your age and driving experience. While it's easy to think that car insurance is too expensive, insurance gets less expensive as you get older.

Insurance companies want to make sure you're a safe driver, and since younger drivers may be inexperienced and more likely to get into an accident they're often required to pay higher premiums.

Placing more risk on you than the average driver, insurers take traffic violations into consideration when determining your rate. Minor infractions may result in a slight increase on your premium, but serious offenses like driving under the influence (DUI) can lead to a large rate hike and can be on your record for the next ten years.

Don't worry about it! There's good news. Your premiums will likely decrease in the future if you avoid accidents and violations. Here is the breakdown of how accidents and violations affect insurance costs for Dodge drivers of all ages:

It's important to know that different Honda models cost more or less to insure because of their varying repair and replacement costs. The bigger your insurance payout should be, the higher your insurance premiums.

Carlay can help you find low premiums for your car insurance, regardless of what kind of vehicle you own.

Carlay takes the headache out of buying auto insurance by doing the research for you, helping you compare local state minimum coverages, and purchasing your new policy at a discount from top-rated carriers. In most cases, you can even cancel your old policy yourself. Car insurance isn't just about price—it's about coverage, service and claims. That's why Carlay offer some of the best guarantees in the industry. Also, the average savings for Carlay users averages out to $879.

You can learn more about the cost of car insurance for popular makes by checking out the links below.

Most and least expensive years of car

While a new car might be beautiful, shiny, and clean out of the dealership, it will lose a lot of value as soon as you drive it off the lot. That's because newer cars depreciate much faster than older cars, so new cars cost more to insure.

Edmunds says that your new car will lose roughly a quarter of its value in the first year alone, and be worth less than half of its original cost after just five years. This means you can save money by insuring your car for its depreciated value rather than the cost of replacing it if it's stolen or damaged.

Drivers who lease or finance their new cars must also carry full coverage liability insurance because they don't own the car outright. They'll pay more for full coverage than they would for their state's minimum liability coverage. If you're looking for an older Honda that won't break the bank, 1986 and 1989 are likely your best bet. You'll have to shell out a bit more for newer models, like 2020 and 2018.

Year Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
2022 $3,020 $1,017 Compare Prices
2021 $3,262 $981 Compare Prices
2020 $4,232 $1,427 Compare Prices
2019 $3,336 $1,105 Compare Prices
2018 $3,733 $1,195 Compare Prices
2017 $3,604 $1,292 Compare Prices
2016 $3,084 $1,057 Compare Prices
2015 $2,765 $816 Compare Prices
2014 $3,084 $1,008 Compare Prices
2013 $2,999 $917 Compare Prices
2012 $2,968 $1,026 Compare Prices
2011 $2,842 $942 Compare Prices
2010 $3,286 $1,232 Compare Prices
2009 $2,768 $947 Compare Prices
2008 $2,846 $991 Compare Prices
2007 $2,657 $982 Compare Prices
2006 $2,779 $727 Compare Prices
2005 $2,792 $924 Compare Prices
2004 $2,682 $987 Compare Prices
2003 $2,561 $795 Compare Prices
2002 $2,427 $780 Compare Prices
2001 $2,767 $973 Compare Prices
2000 $2,507 $835 Compare Prices
1999 $2,754 $1,156 Compare Prices
1998 $2,258 $885 Compare Prices
1997 $2,230 $764 Compare Prices
1996 $3,710 $2,333 Compare Prices
1995 $2,892 $1,249 Compare Prices
1994 $3,326 $1,372 Compare Prices
1993 $2,740 $1,011 Compare Prices

Because older Hondas usually cost less to repair or replace than newer ones, older Hondas tend to have cheaper insurance rates.

It is a well-known fact that where you live can affect how much you pay for auto insurance. For example, even if the roads in Palm Beach are terrible, you're paying more than those who live in areas with more infrastructure, weather and theft problems.

Your insurer has to consider all of these possibilities when assessing your risk. If there are more thefts or collisions in your city, you might be asked to pay a bit more.

When you live in cities like Atlanta (GA), Jacksonville (FL), Lawrenceville (GA), Houston (TX) or Charlotte (NC), you might notice a lot of Honda drivers. Carlay users looking for the cheapest car insurance should head to Mayfield Heights (OH) and New Alexandria (PA).

City Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Atlanta $3,282 $685 Compare Prices
Charlotte $2,608 $808 Compare Prices
Dallas $2,612 $684 Compare Prices
Garner $3,619 $937 Compare Prices
Houston $2,515 $898 Compare Prices
Jersey City $6,350 $2,333 Compare Prices
Lawrenceville $4,500 $1,381 Compare Prices
Los Angeles $2,866 $978 Compare Prices
Newport News $2,815 $1,038 Compare Prices
Phoenix $2,376 $765 Compare Prices

You live in a high-risk area. For example, if your home is in a high-risk area for floods or earthquakes, your homeowner's insurance will likely reflect that.