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Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in North Dakota?

North Dakota car insurance rates are relatively low despite the state's no-fault law. No-fault states are typically pricier than liability states, but North Dakota's low population density and low percentage of uninsured drivers help keep insurance premiums down for all drivers.

Although North Dakota does have some of the highest rates for car insurance in the country, you needn't pay more than you have to for auto insurance. Auto insurers use different formulas to calculate rates, and where you live is just one factor that affects your rates. So whether you live in Fargo, Grand Forks, or Walhalla, make sure to shop around for a good deal.

Car insurance can be a royal pain in the neck. Finding the best policy is time-consuming and tedious. Some people put it off because it's so frustrating. But what if switching to a better deal was easy?

With Carlay, you get all the benefits of a broker without any of the hassles. Just a few clicks, and you can compare quotes from dozens of providers in under sixty seconds. Then all you have to do is pick the best provider for your needs, hand over your information, and let Carlay's experts do the rest!

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in North Dakota?

The average amount you'll need to spend on car insurance each year in North Carolina is $1,693. Full coverage car insurance can be purchased for an average of $1,968 per year.

The national average is $1,783 to purchase basic liability car insurance and $2,485 to purchase full-coverage car insurance.

What contributes to the insurance rates in North Dakota?

There are lots of factors that determine your car insurance rate—and they're not all created equal.

  • Low population density

North Dakota is the 8th most sparsely populated state in the nation, with a low population density of just 10 people per square mile. Large expanses of plains make driving in North Dakota easy, although harsh winds and unpredictable weather can make driving challenging.

  • Uninsured drivers

Drivers in North Dakota have a fairly low prevalence (13%) of auto insurance. This could be due to the fact that insurance is affordable in the state, or because there are a good number of drivers who are willing to take their chances on the road without insurance.

Here are Carlay Insurance numbers in North Dakota compared to the national average:

All Coverage BeforeCarlay All Coverage AfterCarlay Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay Full Coverage BeforeCarlay Full Coverage AfterCarlay
ND $2,285 $1,658 - - - -
National Average $2,489 $1,671 $2,360 $1,390 $2,761 $1,963
ND National Average
All Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,285 $2,489
All Coverage AfterCarlay $1,658 $1,671
Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay - $2,360
Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay - $1,390
Full Coverage BeforeCarlay - $2,761
Full Coverage AfterCarlay - $1,963

Top auto insurance providers in North Dakota

North Dakota has many insurance providers, including household names like State Farm, Allstate, and USAA.

Picking a life insurance policy can be confusing. And even if you choose one from the same company, you might still end up with different rates depending upon your age and health. Your age, driving record, location, and the kind of car you have will have an effect on the premium you will be charged for auto insurance.

A Mercedes-Benz G-class, is going to cost you much more than a Mazda CX-7 for full coverage, because high-end models tend to be more expensive to insure. There are some affordable North Dakota car insurance options available with Carlay Insurance:

What Car Insurance Do You Need in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, you must have at least the following kinds of insurance to drive legally:

Coverage Amount Description
Bodily injury liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Covers the costs associated with injuries you cause to others
Property damage liability $25,000 per accident Covers the costs associated with damage you cause to other people's vehicles or property
Uninsured motorist coverage $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Reimburses you for your expenses from an accident caused by an uninsured driver
Personal injury protection $150 per week / $30,000 maximum Covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs after an accident

You should never drive without car insurance. Not only is driving uninsured illegal, but if you get caught, you could face heavy fines:

  • Fine of up to $5,000
  • Up to 30 days in jail
  • Suspension of license + reinstatement fee of $50
  • Suspension of license plates
  • SR-22 requirement for 1 year
  • Financial liability in the event of an accident

The minimum auto insurance required by law will protect you if you cause an accident, but additional policies can ensure that your insurance will pay out more than state law requires:

Coverage Description
Collision insurance Covers damages that are the result of a collision with a vehicle or stationary object
Comprehensive insurance Covers damages that aren't the result of a collision, such as vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster
Rental reimbursement Reimburses you for your rental car expenses while your car is being repaired after a claimable accident

Carlay can help to guide you through the realm of insurance policies when you're ready. Carlay takes the hassle out of shopping for insurance by comparing quotes from over 50 insurers like AAA and Safeco for you. Once you've found the policy that's best for you, Carlay will walk you through the process of switching to it.

Let's take a look at some of the factors that can affect the price of your insurance.

How is Your Cost of Car Insurance Determined in North Dakota?

There are several factors that go into determining your insurance rates. The most important ones include your age, driving history, zip code, and the type of car you drive.

  • Cost to insure your car in North Dakota by age

Many insurers consider age when calculating premiums. Since younger people have driven fewer years, they tend to have less experience—a factor that can lead to higher premiums.

What young drivers in North Dakota need to know

  • North Dakota does not have a graduated licensing program, but there are restrictions, like nighttime driving and interstate travel, to help new drivers learn and minimize the risks.
    • A telematics device can help young drivers learn how to drive more safely and, as a result, pay less for car insurance.
      • For drivers under the age of 25, maintaining a B average or better can qualify them for a good student discount.

If you're under 25, it's unlikely that you'll find the same low premiums your parents did when they first started driving. But you can still cut costs by shopping around for car insurance, and maintaining a clean driving record will help you secure the lowest rates possible.

No matter your age, Carlay can help you find the best car insurance rates. Here are the average rates for drivers by age:

Age Group Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
21-24 $2,729 $1,037
25-34 $2,287 $738
35-44 $2,274 $1,030
  • Cost to insure your car in North Dakota with a poor driving record

Safe drivers will always save money on car insurance versus risky ones. That's why it's crucial to make sure your record is squeaky clean. Once you have accumulated several traffic violations—especially DUIs and reckless driving charges—be prepared to pay higher North Dakota car insurance rates for years.

While it's true that your driving record will hurt you and make it very difficult to find affordable car insurance, Carlay can help you save in the long run, even if you're a high-risk driver.

Here's just a sample of the savings Carlay customers have found by watching their driving records:

Driving Violation Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Clean Record $2,479 $724
Careless Driving $2,508 $1,272
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign $2,244 $1,030
Speeding under 15 $2,544 $843
Other $2,976 $1,209
  • Cost to insure your car in North Dakota based on where you live

North Dakota is a sparsely populated state and only about 13% of drivers hit the road without at least the minimum insurance requirement. That translates to cheaper rates for drivers who shop around.

Despite this, rates in the state still vary a great deal. Drivers in cities tend to pay more than people who live in rural areas, since urban centers have higher rates of accidents, thefts, and claims.

These are the top 10 cheapest places to get car insurance in North Dakota:

City Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Dickinson $2,640 $424
Fargo $2,288 $739
Minot $2,419 $825
  • Cost to insure your car in North Dakota based on the type of car you drive

When it comes to finding the right car insurance coverage, most insurers will take into consideration the type of car you drive, along with other factors that can affect your premium. However, inexpensive cars have typically have lower premiums because if you're in an accident, they cost less to repair or replace.

Driving a Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Malibu will likely save you money on car insurance, compared to driving a car such as a Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

Carlay makes inexpensive car insurance available for these popular models:

How to Save Money On Car Insurance in North Dakota?

Even though North Dakota is not typically a costly place to insure your vehicle or home, you can decrease your costs even more by following these suggestions.

  • Shop around for quotes

Looking for car insurance? There's good news and bad news. The good is that you can find the best car insurance deal ever through comparison shopping. The bad is, you'll have to fill out a bunch of annoying forms and answer some follow up calls from agents—who will no doubt try to sell you more than you need.

You could spend hours or days trying to find the right car insurance. But it doesn't have to be that way. Carlay makes getting car insurance easy, by doing all the legwork for you! Carlay is a one-stop shop for car insurance. After answering a few questions, you'll get competitive quotes from top companies and agents, then finalize your policy when you're ready.

  • Look for discounts

Looking to save on your car insurance? Most insurance companies have a range of discounts that you can take advantage of if you qualify. While some are quite small, others can make a serious difference to your annual premium.

This is a list of North Dakota's most popular discounts:

Discount type Who is eligible?
Bundling your policies Get your car and home policies from the same company and you could enjoy a reduced premium.
Go paperless By switching to online-only statements and scheduling automatic payments, you could qualify for a sizable discount on your car insurance.
Good student discount Full-time students with good grades can usually qualify for a healthy discount on their car insurance premium. You may have to provide proof of enrollment and grade point average.
Vehicle safety discount If your vehicle has high-rated safety features, you can get a discount on your premium. Certain makes and models are eligible for this discount, so be sure to check with your provider.
Telematics discount Install a small, free device in your vehicle to track driving behavior, and you could be rewarded with a discount for safe driving. Check with your insurance company for more information. There's usually a discount just for enrolling.
  • Increase your deductible

Changing your deductible is a powerful way to reduce the cost of your car insurance. And if you're willing to raise it, you can save hundreds of dollars each year. But choose carefully — you want a deductible that isn't so high you can't pay it when something goes wrong.

Registering Your Car in North Dakota

To get a car registered in North Dakota, take the following items to the DMV:

  • Valid driver's license or ID card
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of sales tax payment
  • Car title or signed lease agreement

North Dakota drivers must renew their vehicle registrations annually.