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Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in New Hampshire?

The state of New Hampshire has different laws than most other states and requires insurance differently. New Hampshire is the only state that doesn't require you to have auto insurance. But even if you do, rates are relatively affordable due to low population density and reasonable vehicle repair costs—plus, there are plenty of discounts to sweeten the deal even more.

Your area of residence is one factor that an insurance company considers when you apply for coverage. Whether you're in Manchester, Nashua, Concord, or elsewhere in New Hampshire, exploring the options between providers can help you save money on your car insurance.

Carlay helps you find cheap car insurance by comparing rates from dozens of companies so you can easily compare policies. When you find a policy you like, Carlay will help you through the switching process.

Here are some quotes from real Carlay customers in New Hampshire:

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in New Hampshire?

The average annual cost of basic liability car insurance in New York is $1,718. If you opt for full coverage, the average cost is $1,312 per year.

The national average is $1,783 per year for basic liability coverage and $2,485 per year for full coverage car insurance.

What contributes to the insurance rates in New Hampshire?

The following are a few factors that will influence the cost of your car insurance in New Hampshire:

  • Low population density

Low population density across much of the state means fewer collisions and accidents. That's just one reason why New Hampshire car insurance rates are so affordable.

  • Uninsured drivers

New Hampshire, the "Granite State," doesn't require car insurance for its residents. Despite that, the state has a low percentage of uninsured drivers,

  • Reasonable repair cost

In New Hampshire, your insurance company has to pay for your car repairs. After an accident, you'll get a fair price for repairs and part replacement.

Here's how the savings with Carlay in New Hampshire compare to the national averages:

All Coverage BeforeCarlay All Coverage AfterCarlay Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay Full Coverage BeforeCarlay Full Coverage AfterCarlay
NH $1,962 $1,207 $1,104 $756 $1,482 $1,157
National Average $2,489 $1,671 $2,360 $1,390 $2,761 $1,963
NH National Average
All Coverage BeforeCarlay $1,962 $2,489
All Coverage AfterCarlay $1,207 $1,671
Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay $1,104 $2,360
Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay $756 $1,390
Full Coverage BeforeCarlay $1,482 $2,761
Full Coverage AfterCarlay $1,157 $1,963

Top auto insurance providers in New Hampshire

Many well-known insurance companies are available in New Hampshire, such as USAA, GEICO, and State Farm.

You might need to do some research to find the right insurance company for you. Finding the right insurance policy can feel overwhelming because the policies offered by each company take different approaches to determine the actual cost of coverage.

Factors such as your age, driving record, and location can affect the amount you pay for car insurance. And the kind of car you drive also determines your premium amount. If you drive a more expensive car, such as an Acura MDX, you'll pay more for full-coverage insurance than you would for a base model Honda CR-V because your car is worth more.

Customers of Carlay have found that they can get some good insurance prices in New Hampshire through these top companies.

What Car Insurance Do You Need in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, you are not required to purchase insurance for your vehicle. However, if you choose to do so, the insurance must include at least the following:

Coverage Amount Description
Bodily injury liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Covers the costs associated with injuries you cause to others
Property damage liability $25,000 per accident Covers the costs associated with damage you cause to other people's vehicles or property
Uninsured motorist coverage $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Reimburses you for your expenses from an accident caused by an uninsured driver
Medical payments (MedPay) Covers medical costs for you and your passengers if you're injured in a car accident

It's a good idea to purchase as much insurance as you can afford so that your car has the best security possible. These are some other great coverage options:

Coverage Description
Collision insurance Covers damages that are the result of a collision with a vehicle or stationary object
Comprehensive insurance Covers damages that aren't the result of a collision, such as vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster
Personal injury protection Covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs after an accident
Rental reimbursement Reimburses you for your rental car expenses while your car is being repaired after a claimable accident

If you do not have insurance as required by New Hampshire's Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility law, then you must show that you have equivalent funds to pay for damages related to a car accident.

Fortunately, comparing insurance policies doesn't have to be a painful process. Carlay is an app that makes it easier to take care of your car's expenses, including insurance. After comparing quotes from 50+ insurance companies like Progressive and Travelers, Carlay came up with the best possible rates for your policy. And once you choose the one you want to keep, Carlay will handle all of your paperwork, phone calls and even cancel your old policy.

Now that you've grasped the basics of purchasing insurance let's take a deeper look at the factors that influence rates.

How is Your Cost of Car Insurance Determined in New Hampshire?

A number of factors affect your insurance rates. Some of the most important ones are your driving record, location, age, and vehicle.

  • Cost to insure your car in New Hampshire by age

Because young drivers have very little driving experience, they tend to get into accidents more frequently than older drivers. This lack of experience and a higher risk for accidents makes young drivers harder to insure, which leads to higher car insurance premiums for them.

What young drivers in New Hampshire need to know

  • By taking a defensive driving course, you can reinforce safe driving habits and save money on car insurance.
  • As a student driver, maintaining a good average can get you a good student discount on your insurance.

If you're a young driver, you should shop around for the best rates and maintain a clean driving record. Whether you're a senior, a professional, or just starting out, you'll find low rates from Carlay. Here are the average rates for drivers:

Age Group Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
18-20 $3,227 $1,244
21-24 $2,491 $985
25-34 $2,646 $924
35-44 $2,128 $725
45-54 $2,169 $1,154
55-64 $2,436 $1,004
  • Cost to insure your car in New Hampshire with a poor driving record

Insurance companies look at your driving record to determine how risky you are to insure and how much you should pay for your policy. Your car insurance premium can skyrocket for up to 10 years if you have multiple violations on your driving record, such as speeding tickets, accidents, and reckless driving.

With Carlay, finding the best car insurance deal is easy, even if you have driving violations. Here's a selection of good deals that are available to Carlay customers with poor driving records:

Driving Violation Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Clean Record $2,252 $725
Driving on Sus. License $4,944 $2,388
Passing School Bus $3,696 $1,912
Speeding under 15 $3,843 $1,807
DUI $2,429 $1,148
Improper Passing $3,458 $989
Careless Driving $3,600 $976
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign $2,123 $603
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run $1,315 $401
Speeding over 15 $1,200 $108
  • Cost to insure your car in New Hampshire based on where you live

New Hampshire is a small state, so although it has only 1.36 million residents, it has a higher population density than you might expect. In fact, there are 147 people in each square mile of the state. Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire and the least densely populated state, is much more populated than the average New Hampshire city.

It's safe to say that anyone living in Manchester or a similarly dense city will probably pay more for automobile insurance than people living elsewhere in the state. This is because city drivers pay higher rates than rural drivers. They have a greater chance of getting into an accident, having their car stolen, or filing a claim.

Here are the New Hampshire cities ranked cheapest for car insurance:

City Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Concord $1,648 $774
Derry $1,625 $446
Dover $2,544 $988
Hooksett $1,760 $440
Lebanon $1,741 $713
Manchester $2,964 $1,006
Nashua $2,399 $908
Portsmouth $1,331 $412
Rochester $2,545 $917
  • Cost to insure your car in New Hampshire based on the type of car you drive

Insurance companies obviously take into consideration the type of car or truck you own. Drivers of a Mazda 3, Subaru Forester, or Jeep Compass can get affordable car insurance rates with GEICO.

Your insurance rates may be lower if you drive an inexpensive car because the car is less likely to be damaged in an accident, and the less you drive, the lower your premium will be. However, if you're insuring a luxury or sports car, you may pay more for your insurance than the typical driver.

Let's take a look at the costs of insuring some popular car makes and models with and without Carlay:

How to Save Money On Car Insurance in New Hampshire?

If you want to reduce the expense of car ownership and insurance, there are a few things you can do to bring down your premium.

  • Shop around for quotes

When you compare multiple insurance rates by getting quotes, it helps you ensure that you're getting the best price for your coverage. But the process of filling out endless forms and dealing with pushy sales agents can be tedious and time-consuming.

Carlay makes the process of switching your insurance provider easier than ever before. All you have to do is download their app, sign up, and answer a few simple questions. Then their team compiles quotes from more than 50 top providers and handles your switchover from start to finish.

Carlay users save an average of $879 per year on their car insurance. Did you know that?

  • Look for discounts

To make their customers feel more secure behind the wheel, many New Hampshire insurance companies offer discounts for safe driving:

Discount type Who is eligible?
Driver education discounts Older New Hampshire drivers who refresh their driving knowledge can get a 5-10% discount on their premium. Ask your insurance company about approved courses. Usually, it's as simple as taking an online course.
Paperless billing and automatic payments Enroll in paperless billing and you could qualify for a discount between 2 and 25%.
Bundling your policies Get your car and home policies from the same company and you could enjoy a reduced premium.
Safe driver discount New Hampshire drivers with a good record can usually get a “safe driver” discount. If you've never had a crash or a speeding ticket, ask about this discount. You may have to wait six months to prove that you're a safe driver.
Telematics discounts In exchange for installing a free telematics device in your vehicle, you could get a discount on your premium. The device passively tracks your driving behavior and allows the company to reward you for safe driving.
  • Increase your deductible

You can reduce your monthly insurance payments by increasing your deductible. However, when you do that, there's no guarantee your policy won't go up the next year to cover the higher deductible amount. But if you're a good driver and have a low-accident history, you may find that raising your deductible lowers your premium.

Registering Your Car in New Hampshire

If you want to register your car with the DMV in New Hampshire, you should bring the following items:

  • Valid driver's license or ID card
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of sales tax payment
  • Car title or signed lease agreement
  • Emissions test certificate
  • Safety inspection certificate

New Hampshire drivers must renew their vehicle registrations annually.