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Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in Nevada?

Nevada is the only state whose name means “snow-covered” in a native language. But don't let the western image fool you: Las Vegas is just one of many attractions in Nevada—but living in the state that's home to Sin City doesn't necessarily bode well for your car insurance rates.

Nevada's minimum required auto insurance coverage is a bit less than the national average, but recent laws have significantly raised prices. This is largely due to Nevada's relaxed alcohol laws.

Your insurance rate can be affected by many factors, including where you live. Whether you're in the bustling city of Las Vegas, or the peaceful town of Minden, comparing rates helps you get the best deal for your car insurance.

Carlay makes it easy to compare prices and make the right purchase. With Carlay, you simply sign up, answer a few questions online, and then let our site do the rest. We'll find you the best deals, alert you when your rate is about to change, and monitor your rate for you so that you don't have to watch it yourself.

Here are some quotes from real Carlay customers in Nevada:

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Nevada?

The average price of basic liability car insurance in Nevada is $2,280 per year. Full coverage car insurance costs an average of $2,034 per year in Nevada.

In contrast, the national average is $1,783 a year for basic liability car insurance and $2,485 per year for full coverage car insurance.

What contributes to the insurance rates in Nevada?

Here are a few of the factors that can affect the cost of car insurance in Nevada:

  • Relaxed alcohol laws

Nevada is known for its relaxed alcohol laws and vehicle-related gambling. Nevada also has many miles of deserts, mountains, and open roads for drivers to enjoy. Party-going tourists combined with these driving opportunities can mean an increased risk of accidents for Nevada drivers.

  • Uninsured drivers

With 14% of Nevada drivers going without insurance, it's important to know the insurance requirements to get through any major accident safely. Nevada actually ranks as the sixth most dangerous state in the country for all forms of auto accidents.

  • Traffic fatalities

Nevada car insurance is the fastest-growing state for traffic fatalities in the nation. It's no wonder that insurance rates keep rising.

You can save hundreds of dollars on your insurance if you switch to Carlay:

All Coverage BeforeCarlay All Coverage AfterCarlay Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay Full Coverage BeforeCarlay Full Coverage AfterCarlay
NV $2,462 $1,778 $2,242 $1,349 $2,757 $2,093
National Average $2,489 $1,671 $2,360 $1,390 $2,761 $1,963
NV National Average
All Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,462 $2,489
All Coverage AfterCarlay $1,778 $1,671
Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,242 $2,360
Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay $1,349 $1,390
Full Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,757 $2,761
Full Coverage AfterCarlay $2,093 $1,963

Top auto insurance providers in Nevada

In Nevada, there are many insurance companies to choose from, including GEICO, State Farm, and Allstate.

Finding the right insurance company for you might take some research, but it's well worth it. Since different insurance companies use different formulas to determine the cost of premiums, you can get dramatically different quotes for coverage that is roughly equivalent.

The main factors that impact the cost of your car insurance are your age, driving record, and where you live. But your car matters too. If you choose to own an Audi S5 convertible, you'll pay more for full-coverage insurance than you would for a Mazda CX-5 because expensive cars cost more to insure.

Customers have found great prices with top insurance companies in Nevada; customized car insurance from Carlay offers great rates.

What Car Insurance Do You Need in Nevada?

Before you head out on the road, make sure you have at least the minimum required levels of Nevada car insurance, including:

Coverage Amount Description
Bodily injury liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Covers the costs associated with injuries you cause to others
Property damage liability $20,000 per accident Covers the costs associated with damage you cause to other people's vehicles or property

Driving without insurance is a misdemeanor in Nevada. If you're found driving with no insurance, you could face:

  • Fine of up to $1,000
  • Driver's license suspension + reinstatement fee of up to $750
  • SR-22 requirement for up to 3 years
  • Financial liability in the event of an accident

It's a good idea to purchase as much insurance coverage as you can afford. And here are the recommended types of coverage to buy.

Coverage Description
Collision insurance Covers damages that are the result of a collision with a vehicle or stationary object
Comprehensive insurance Covers damages that aren't the result of a collision, such as vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster
Uninsured motorist coverage Reimburses you for your expenses from an accident caused by an uninsured driver
Personal injury protection Covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs after an accident
Rental reimbursement Reimburses you for your rental car expenses while your car is being repaired after a claimable accident

If you're ready to find a new policy, let Carlay help!

Carlay is a new and efficient app that helps you save money on car expenses, including insurance. Carlay can help you compare quotes for car insurance from more than 50 providers, including Progressive and Travelers. You do not have to worry about paperwork, phone calls, or other paperwork when working with Carley.

Now that you understand the factors that play a role in the cost of your insurance, it's time to break down the cost of your policy.

How is Your Cost of Car Insurance Determined in Nevada?

The factors that influence your auto insurance rates are your age, driving record, where you live, and the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

  • Cost to insure your car in Nevada by age

Insurance companies know one thing: experience is invaluable. Young drivers have almost no experience behind the wheel, leading to risky driving habits and a high accident rate. For this reason, young drivers often pay extremely high insurance premiums.

What young drivers in Nevada need to know

  • In order for Nevada teenagers to get their driver's license, they must first complete 50 hours of driving experience with a licensed driver over the age of 21, including 10 hours under the supervision of that adult during nighttime hours.
    • Taking a defensive driving course can help you improve your driving habits, decrease your car insurance rates, and also show that you are a responsible driver.
      • Maintaining a good average can qualify student drivers for a good student discount, which can help save them money.

If you're a young driver, make sure to shop around for insurance quotes with a clean driving record so that you can get affordable rates. Regardless of your age, you can start comparison shopping with Carlay. This is a rate by age chart for Carlay drivers:

Age Group Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
18-20 $3,060 $724
21-24 $2,753 $765
25-34 $2,630 $752
35-44 $2,560 $720
45-54 $2,496 $725
55-64 $2,429 $895
65+ $1,980 $508
  • Cost to insure your car in Nevada with a poor driving record

When you get a quote from an insurance company, they will look at your driving record. With accidents, speeding tickets, and major offenses like DUIs and reckless driving charges on your record, you can expect to pay high rates for Nevada car insurance.

However, you can save on car insurance even if you have driving violations. Carlay offers convenient shopping options so that you can find the best prices.

Here are just a few of the savings that Carlay Insurance customers with less-than-perfect driving records have found:

Driving Violation Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Clean Record $3,206 $919
Improper Passing $2,640 $692
Speeding under 15 $2,987 $627
Driving on Sus. License $1,920 $507
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign $3,028 $477
Speeding over 15 $2,400 $451
Careless Driving $1,707 $411
Illegal Turn $1,557 $297
Other $3,423 $706
  • Cost to insure your car in Nevada based on where you live

The city of Las Vegas is the most population-dense in the state of Nevada, with nearly 634,000 residents. It's followed by Henderson, the second-most populous city in Nevada. Your insurance premiums may be higher if you live in one of these areas. It's true around the Las Vegas Strip, with its crowds, traffic, and drinking.

All else being equal, drivers in cities tend to pay more for auto insurance than those in rural areas because urban centers have higher rates of accidents, thefts, and claims. Loose drinking laws and high traffic fatality rates contribute to Nevada's high auto insurance rates, but there are still spots in the state where you can drive for cheap:

City Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
Carson City $1,719 $441
Fallon $1,863 $542
Henderson $2,986 $980
Las Vegas $2,722 $735
North Las Vegas $2,585 $696
Pahrump $2,373 $544
Reno $2,490 $757
Sparks $2,161 $766
  • Cost to insure your car in Nevada based on the type of car you drive

Finally, it's important to remember that your car influences your car insurance premium. As you might expect, if you drive a standard vehicle, such as a Subaru Outback or Saturn Aura, your rates are likely to be about average for the state.

The insurance premiums for a relatively inexpensive car are lower than for a more expensive one because the cheaper car will be less expensive to repair or replace after an accident. And, if you drive less, you're less likely to get into an accident and pay for car insurance. However, if you drive a high-end Ram 1500 or luxury sports car, you'll have to deal with much higher expenses.

Here's a breakdown of what it might cost to insure these cars with and without Carlay:

How to Save Money On Car Insurance in Nevada?

In Nevada, car insurance premiums can get pretty steep! To help you save on your premium, here are some helpful tips.

  • Shop around for quotes

Shopping around for insurance coverage will help you get the best deal—that's clear. But finding the best policies, prices and coverage can feel like an uphill climb. Carlay completely changes the game.

Carlay is an easy-to-use app where you can save money on car expenses. Use the quick sign-up process to get started and find the best coverage from more than 50 insurance companies. Once you're ready to finalize a policy, Carlay will handle all the paperwork and phone calls so that you can relax and enjoy your savings.

  • Look for discounts

If you're a Nevada resident, here are some of the most popular discounts you can get on your auto insurance rate:

Discount type Who is eligible?
Anti-theft discount If your vehicle is equipped with certain anti-theft devices, you may be eligible for discounted premiums due to the decreased risk of theft.
Good student discount Full-time students ages 16 to 24 may qualify for discounts if they maintain at least a B average in their studies.
Usage-based discounts Some insurance companies offer flexible monthly premiums depending on how often and how far you drive. Lower use means lower rates.
Defensive driving discount Older drivers (usually 55 and over) who complete an approved defensive driving course are often eligible for lower rates—as long as there are no drivers under 25 on the policy.
  • Increase your deductible

If you're on a budget, increasing your deductible is a good way to reduce your monthly premium. When purchasing a deductible insurance policy, it's important to have enough money in a savings fund to pay the deductible in full each time you have to make a claim. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to pay your insurance premiums, and you could be sued by your insurance company.

Registering Your Car in Nevada

To register a car in Nevada, you must go to your local DMV and bring the following items:

  • Valid driver's license or ID card
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of sales tax payment
  • Car title or signed lease agreement
  • Smog check certificate
  • Safety inspection certificate, if applicable.

Nevada drivers must renew their vehicle registrations annually.