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Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in Idaho?

If you're an Idaho resident, you already know it's an excellent place to live. With miles of open spaces and a relatively low population density, residents have car insurance rates well below the national average.

Car insurance providers consider many things when considering your rate, including your vehicle's make and model, where you live, your age, and your driving record. Regardless of these determining factors, Idaho residents can save a lot of money on car insurance by shopping for quotes with Carlay.

Carlay makes it easy to find the right car insurance. Our great app sits on your home screen and instantly shows you quotes from 50+ companies so that you can see the cheapest options. So install Carlay today and start saving up to $879 per year.

We don't blame you for not believing us. Here are some actual quotes from customers in Idaho who switched to Carlay:

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Idaho?

Car insurance in Idaho will cost you $1,568 per year if you drive liability only. However, if you put full coverage on your car, the average annual cost is $1,683.

For liability-only car insurance, the average annual cost nationwide is $1,783. However, for full-coverage car insurance, the average yearly price nationwide is $2,485.

What contributes to the insurance rates in Idaho?

When considering the cost of car insurance in Idaho, you should probably consider the following factors:

  • Growing cities

Idaho is home to some of America's fastest-growing cities, but it doesn't have many of them. The state has just four major metropolitan areas: Boise, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello. As a result, Boise's largest city will likely face higher insurance rates than those living outside of urban areas.

  • Auto thefts

Idaho has a low rate of auto thefts, which means your car insurance rates are lower than if you lived in a high-theft area.

  • Natural disasters

Though Idaho doesn't see as many natural disasters as states that are closer to large bodies of water, it does have its fair share of unpredictable weather. As a result, meteorologists spend a lot of time in Idaho monitoring tornadoes and thunderstorms to protect drivers from damaging winds and hail. However, if you live near a fault line or seismic activity, you may pay slightly more for your car insurance than drivers who live farther away from any seismic risks.

Here's how the cost of insurance in Idaho compares to the price in other states:

All Coverage Before Carlay All Coverage After Carlay Minimum Coverage Before Carlay Minimum Coverage After Carlay Full Coverage Before Carlay Full Coverage After Carlay
ID $1,964 $1,309 $1,320 $1,080 $1,932 $1,344
National Average $2,490 $1,672 $2,360 $1,391 $2,762 $1,964
ID National Average
All Coverage Before Carlay $1,964 $2,490
All Coverage After Carlay $1,309 $1,672
Minimum Coverage Before Carlay $1,320 $2,360
Minimum Coverage After Carlay $1,080 $1,391
Full Coverage Before Carlay $1,932 $2,762
Full Coverage After Carlay $1,344 $1,964

Top auto insurance providers in Idaho

Geico, State Farm, and Travelers are among the most popular auto insurance companies in Idaho. Their policies are cheap and cover most residents. However, you may want to consider another provider that meets your needs better.

While each insurance provider factors different information into your premium prices, it is possible to find price differences even between Idaho providers.

The car you drive can affect the price you pay for insurance. For example, an affordable sedan like the Honda Civic will be relatively inexpensive to insure because of its relative affordability and easy-to-access replacement parts. However, a high-end car like a Chevrolet Tahoe will cost more to insure simply because of its higher initial cost.

Regardless of the demographics, Carlay works to help Idaho drivers find the insurance they can afford. Here are some of the best deals we've helped our customers save on:

What Car Insurance Do You Need in Idaho?

In Idaho, drivers are required to have liability insurance. This coverage includes the following:

Coverage Amount Description
Bodily injury liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Covers the costs you must pay if you injure someone.
Property damage liability $15,000 per accident Covers the expenses you'd have to pay for damage done to other people's vehicles or property
Uninsured motorist coverage $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident Covers your costs in the event of an auto accident with an uninsured driver.

If you drive without insurance, you could face penalties, including:

  • $75 fine for a first offense and a $56 administrative fee
  • SR-22 Maintenance for 1 year
  • Drivers license suspension until proof of insurance

Your car insurance doesn't cover you or your vehicle in the case of an accident. So to make sure you're as protected as possible, you should ensure that you have enough liability coverage to cover all of your assets. In addition, you may want to consider carrying more than the minimum insurance requirements (or Idaho's suggested amounts):

Coverage Description
Collision insurance Covers payments for repairs resulting from a collision with a vehicle or stationary object.
Comprehensive insurance Covers damages to your vehicle that happen in non-collision incidents , such as vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster.
Roadside assistance Covers the costs associated with a breakdown

Carlay is a free service that lets you easily compare insurance companies and sign up for the best rates. It takes 45 seconds to sign up, and Carlay uses your current insurance information to source quotes from the top name-brand insurance companies. Carlay makes switching insurance companies easy and affordable, no matter what policy you choose. And with Carlay, you'll get a quote for your next renewal, so you know that you're getting the best rates possible.

Now that you know what insurance to get, here's more about insurance in Idaho.

How is Your Cost of Car Insurance Determined in Idaho?

Several factors determine car insurance rates, but your age, gender, and driving record are essential. For example, you'll likely pay higher car insurance premiums in Idaho if you're under 25 —more than anyone else on the road. You could also pay more for car insurance based on where you live.

What young drivers in Idaho need to know

  • Insurance companies charge high-risk drivers more for car insurance because they are more likely to get into accidents.
  • Taking a defensive driving course lowers the cost of car insurance for young people.
  • Young drivers with a B average or higher may be able to get a good student discount on their auto insurance.

Car insurance rates for young drivers in Idaho can be higher than average due to the cost of insuring high-risk drivers. But with a discount, a clean driving record, and some shopping around, you can keep your premium under control. Carlay is here to help you find the best price on auto insurance by comparing quotes from top insurers in your area. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to pay as a driver:

Age Group Average Cost Annual Savings with Carlay
18-20 $2,527 $927
21-24 $2,684 $993
25-34 $2,242 $786
35-44 $2,493 $1,061
45-54 $1,674 $686
55-64 $1,741 $878
65+ $1,560 $516
  • Cost to insure your car in Idaho with a poor driving record

Your past driving history may impact your Idaho car insurance rates. For example, your rates will likely be higher if you have been in an accident, received a speeding ticket, or had a DUI or other primary driving offense.

If you have had previous driving infractions, insurance companies will consider you a high-risk driver to pay higher premiums. Still, there are significant savings to be had for drivers with less-than-perfect driving histories if they shop with Carlay:

Driving Violation Average Cost Annual Savings with Carlay
Clean Record $2,454 $955
DUI $4,596 $3,114
Illegal Turn $4,380 $2,940
Driving on Sus. License $3,173 $1,245
Improper Passing $2,654 $1,245
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign $2,780 $1,168
Careless Driving $1,884 $894
Speeding under 15 $2,632 $781
Other $2,434 $698
  • Cost to insure your car in Idaho based on where you live

The average car insurance rates in Idaho are lower than the national average, but rates vary greatly depending on where you live. Drivers in the commuter city of Idaho Falls pay one of the highest rates because many vehicles pass through on the freeways every day. On the other hand, the capital city of Boise has surprisingly lower rates thanks to its low crime rate and safe drivers.

If you live in Idaho, here are the lowest rates:

  • Cost to insure your car in Idaho based on the type of car you drive

When considering your car insurance policy options, one of the most critical factors is your vehicle's cost. Generally, more expensive cars will have higher monthly insurance premiums than cheaper ones.

Here's an example: the Nissan Rogue, a relatively common car among Idaho drivers, will be cheaper to insure because of its low starting price, affordability, and less repair cost. However, luxurious cars like the BMW 320 I will cost more to insure because their parts are more expensive— and they would cost the insurance company a lot to replace if the car was totaled.

If you decide to insure your car with Carlay, the following estimates will give you an idea of what to expect:

How to Save Money On Car Insurance in Idaho?

If you drive in Idaho, here are some ways to save money on car insurance.

  • Shop around for quotes

When searching for a great rate on Idaho car insurance, do your research before shopping. By gathering rates from several providers, you can understand how your driving record, coverage requirements, and other factors affect your auto insurance costs. And with Carlay, it's easy to compare quotes on multiple policies at once—take five minutes to fill out our free quote form!

Carlay is a simple app that helps you quickly compare insurance rates from over 50 top providers. Signing up only takes a few minutes, and with Carlay, you can compare prices, get your policy, and be on your way to saving money!

And when your policy renews, Carlay will send a new quote—so you always know you're getting the best rates.

  • Look for discounts

You can find great discounts on Idaho car insurance policies if you have taken an advanced driving course, such as a defensive driving course.

Here are some discounts that are applicable in Idaho:

Homeowners, married couples, or people in the military may qualify for discounts on their insurance premiums.

  • Increase your deductible

Another way to save money on car insurance is to increase your deductible. In short, if you have a higher deductible (the amount you're responsible for paying if you file a claim), you'll pay less for your premium each month. Just make sure that you're prepared to pay more out-of-pocket in case of an accident or crash—and be aware that increasing your deductible may cause your rates to rise.

Registering Your Car in Idaho

Idaho residents who wish to register their cars must have:

  • A driver's license or ID card
  • A car title or signed lease agreement
  • A VIN inspection certificate
  • A current odometer reading
  • Proof of insurance
  • Pay $14 and 6% sales tax

To speed up the process, make an appointment. Bring all the necessary documentation with you, including proof of your identity, vehicle title, and registration.

Idaho drivers must renew their vehicle registrations annually.