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Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in Connecticut?

You likely pay higher than average car insurance rates if you live in Connecticut. However, there are still ways to save money on car insurance by comparing quotes with Carlay.

States like Connecticut, with large populations spread out over small areas, place more cars on the road with a greater chance of accidents. In addition, winter weather in New England can be harsh, posing an increased risk for accidents. That's why it's essential to compare policies from many companies before you buy insurance.

With Carlay, you can find affordable car insurance in Connecticut and enjoy significant savings on your policy year after year. At Carlay, we offer low rates on car insurance. But wait: there's more! By comparing quotes from 50 leading providers, the average Carlay customer saves $879 per year on car insurance.

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Connecticut?

If you buy liability-only car insurance in Connecticut, the average annual cost is $2,462. However, if you opt for full coverage car insurance in that state, you can expect to pay an average of $3,007 per year.

Using nationwide averages, liability-only car insurance costs $1,783 per year, and full-coverage car insurance costs $2,485.

What contributes to the insurance rates in Connecticut?

Here are three things to consider when considering the cost of car insurance in Connecticut.

  • Congested Cities

Connecticut car insurance rates are higher for many reasons, one of which is undoubtedly our state's heavily-populated cities. With more traffic comes more accidents and the increased liability on insurance companies. In Connecticut, there is no shortage of either.

  • Vehicle thefts

Having your car stolen is inconvenient, but it also drives up your insurance rates since you will likely file a claim when it happens. And Connecticut has one of the highest incidences of vehicle thefts, especially for new cars. As a result, Connecticut car insurance companies charge higher premiums to reflect these risks.

  • Inclement Weather

This is one of the most significant factors contributing to high car insurance rates. In Connecticut, weather conditions can be harsh, and because of that, accidents are pretty standard. Anytime there is snow on the road or ice under it, drivers will likely experience problems with traction or skidding, resulting in an accident.

Here's how Connecticut health insurance premiums compare to national spending averages:

All Coverage BeforeCarlay All Coverage AfterCarlay Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay Full Coverage BeforeCarlay Full Coverage AfterCarlay
CT $2,583 $1,761 $2,344 $1,516 $2,819 $1,876
National Average $2,490 $1,672 $2,360 $1,391 $2,762 $1,964
CT National Average
All Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,583 $2,490
All Coverage AfterCarlay $1,761 $1,672
Minimum Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,344 $2,360
Minimum Coverage AfterCarlay $1,516 $1,391
Full Coverage BeforeCarlay $2,819 $2,762
Full Coverage AfterCarlay $1,876 $1,964

Top auto insurance providers in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut, you are lucky to have many competitive insurance providers. Travelers, and Progressive are the most common companies because of their low rates and good service. However, these companies will likely not have the best rates for you.

No two insurers use the same formula for setting insurance premiums. Connecticut providers will consider your age, driving record, marital status, and location when calculating your premium.

Your vehicle's make and model will also impact your insurance premiums. Like a Toyota Corolla, a basic sedan will cost less to insure than a luxury car like the BMW M340, which has higher repair costs.

Across all demographics, Carlay can help drivers get the most out of their cars in Connecticut with some fantastic deals on car insurance. Here are a few examples:

Insurance Company Average Cost Annual Savings withCarlay
National General $5,094 $1,820 Compare Prices
Allstate $3,508 $1,304 Compare Prices
Nationwide $3,569 $1,108 Compare Prices
Safeco $3,596 $1,080 Compare Prices
State Auto $3,043 $812 Compare Prices
Travelers $2,820 $799 Compare Prices
Kemper $2,271 $759 Compare Prices

What Car Insurance Do You Need in Connecticut?

You must have a liability insurance policy with Connecticut before you drive in the state. Coverage includes:

Coverage Amount Description
Bodily injury liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident Covers the costs of injuries to others, for which you are responsible
Property damage liability $25,000 per accident Covers the expenses you're held responsible for after causing damage to others' vehicles or property

Failure to buy insurance could result in penalties, including:

  • A fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense
  • Vehicle registration and license suspension up to six months

If you cause an accident in Connecticut, liability insurance covers the other driver's medical expenses and vehicle damage. But this insurance doesn't cover you or your car, so you may want to consider comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to liability insurance:

Coverage Description
Collision insurance Covers damages incurred when the policyholder is involved in a crash with another vehicle or stationary object.
Comprehensive insurance The policy covers damages caused by vandalism, theft, and natural disasters.
Roadside assistance Helps cover the costs of repairs

No matter which kind of coverage you decide on, at Carlay, we'll find you great rates, so you won't pay more than you should. Of course, we'll shop around for new car insurance and help cancel your old policy, too, if you want us to.

When Carlay renews your policy, we'll automatically send you a new quote—so you'll always know you're paying the lowest rate for your insurance. Also, Carlay users save $879 per year on average!

Now that you know the basics of insurance in Connecticut, some things affect insurance premiums in the state.

How is Your Cost of Car Insurance Determined in Connecticut?

When you consider what car insurance to purchase, consider your age, location, and driving history.

Moreover, young drivers under the age of 25 sometimes pay more for car insurance because they are considered at higher risk. Therefore, maintaining good grades good student discount and taking a defensive driving course are essential to lower them.

Even though insurance rates tend to be higher for young drivers, you can save money on your auto insurance by applying for discounts, shopping around for the best rates, and keeping a clean driving record.

Carlay works with young drivers to help them find the most affordable premiums for car insurance. The average cost of car insurance for drivers in the US by age is:

  • Cost to insure your car in Connecticut based on where you live

If you live in Connecticut, the average insurance rates may be higher than those in other states, but rates vary a lot depending on your location. For example, people who live in cities like Springfield or Hartford will see higher auto theft and accident reports rates than those in smaller towns like East Haven or Danbury.

The more cars there are on the road, the greater the potential risk of an accident, and the higher the insurance costs.

Here's a look at some of the best rates we've found for Carlay customers in Connecticut:

  • Cost to insure your car in Connecticut based on the type of car you drive

The car you drive indeed affects your insurance rates. A lower-cost vehicle like the Mazda CX-30 will cost less to insure because it is more affordable and repair costs are low. However, premiums for the Volvo XC90 would be higher due to its luxury status and higher base price. Insurers also consider how much it will cost them to replace a vehicle in the case of total loss.

Consult the following table, which shows annual insurance costs for some popular vehicles in Connecticut, both with and without Carlay.

How to Save Money On Car Insurance in Connecticut?

Here are a few tips for saving money on car insurance for Connecticut drivers.

  • Shop around for quotes

Before you start shopping for Connecticut car insurance quotes:

  1. Take some time to research different providers and their rates.
  2. Look at things like deductible, coverage limits, and rates to make an informed decision when choosing your provider.
  3. When comparing rates, consider cost and how competitive each quote is.

But all of this can be time-consuming and bothersome. Fortunately, there's Carlay!

Carlay, the nifty app designed to help you save money on your car insurance, is here to do the hard work. Signing up with Carly takes less than a minute and saves you time and money on your car expenses. When you sign up with Carly, our team of skilled professionals will help you get quotes from top insurance providers in the city. We'll also take care of canceling your old policy so you can rest assured that your insurance needs are met.

  • Look for discounts

There are discounts for everything—student drivers, good grades, not having a DUI or speeding ticket on your record. Don't expect to qualify for every discount, but don't close any doors without looking. And remember: You can always ask an insurance agent about special offers that might be available.

Below are some of the discounts offered in Connecticut: